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Skyship Services Inc recover Trinidad Airship

Skyship 600s at the Athens OlympicsSkyship Services Inc, headquartered in Orlando Florida, is in the process of assimilating the assets of Airship Management Services into the new organization.   Now the owner of the Skyship and Sentinel airship type certificates, the management team is in the final stages of the complete refurbishment of Skyship 600-10 which is being fitted with a new TCOM envelope and is expected to be operational in the US in September. Additionally, the Skyship Services team has completed the disassembly of the Skyship 600 that was bought back from the Trinidad Government after the closure of the Special Anti-Crime Unit of Trinidad and Tobago(SAUTT). This airship is being returned to the US for refurbishment along with some design modifications for a new (but as yet unnamed) client.

The Trinidad airship, together with any ancilliary equipment included in the purchase, was recovered in late May 2012 from Camp Cumuto where it had been languishing since the closure of the SAUTT as part of the new Trinidad Government cost saving measures implemented in August 2011.  Nonetheless, post operational studies have shown that the airship was a cost effective and efficient tool for surveillance purposes and sources believe that it is likely that Skyships will once again grace the skies in this region in the not too distant future.

Skyship Services have re-assembled a dynamic and experienced team at their operations centre at Elizabeth City, NC;  the team is keen to complete the current refurbishment and commence work on the next one. The entire team is looking forward to returning the Skyships to operational status under new colors and to continue to make improvements so that the Skyship maintains its role as the largest type-certified non-rigid airship in the world.

Skyship Services Inc have also updated their web-site  to reflect recent events.


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