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Where members of the Association can raise issues and discuss topics.
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Forum for the discussion about regulations and dissemination of information.
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A forum for the discussion of processes and procedures used in the operations of airships, that may be lost if not recorded by those who have experience.
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Historically, there have been only two options of lifting gas for any designer planning to design an airship; Hydrogen or Helium. Since the Hindenburg tragedy in 1938, the use hydrogen has been taboo; indeed, any mention of the gas has been stiffled in debate. The increasing cost, coupled with (driven by?) restrictions in supply of Helium is leading to authorities beginning to question the automatic rejection of Hydrogen.
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Forums in which the council can discuss various topics
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A web-site is a powerful tool for marketing and publicity. However, it needs ideas, purpose and commitment. How can the web-site support our aims? Discuss
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