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AIRSHIP as e-journal

I would like to present an idea to the Airship Association:  Biannual e-journals of AIRSHIP.

Issue 179 of AIRSHIP (March '13) contains a letter by Chairman Peter Ward.  He mentions the problem the Airship Association is facing related to producing the journal AIRSHIP, that being the rising cost of printing and postage.  This translates to higher membership fees and so everyone is affected.

As we all know, there are four issues of the journal per year.  I was thinking one way to reduce costs would be to have two of the four issues sent out to members over the web.  For instance, "solstice issues" would be the e-journals and the "equinox issues" would be the printed journals of AIRSHIP as we have them today. The e-journals could be posted on this website or sent out to members' e-mail accounts.

Viable?  Y/N?


Hello Christian,

Thanks for the message!

The council have discussed this at length and we believe that members like to have a printed copy of AIRSHIP to keep. 

You will see some changes from the next issue of AIRSHIP, and we plan to offer digital versions of it soon as well. 

Stay tuned for the latest.

Paul A Adams,


Hello Paul,

Thank you for the feedback / reply.

I know what you mean.  I much prefer printed journals over digital ones too.  I had suggested two out of four issues be e-journals, keeping my fingers crossed that Council wouldn't run with the idea and decide on all four issues to be digital.

Looking forward to the next issue!





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