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2012 Convention - Lessons Learned

This document is intended for the Airship Assocaition Council to record good and bad points about the planning and organisation of the 2012 Conference.  It is not intended to be a critique, but a living document which we can use to improve the next conference.

Please use the comments system to create a thread, or add to an existing thread.

Once everyone has made comments, we can use this as the basis for a document/plan for the next conference.



Despite John's best efforts, and having 5(?) microphones of varying types, this setup did not work well. 

We also need several individuals to be familiar with the audio equipment, or ensure that the conference centre includes it in the package

Added by Mike Rentell:    It might be advantageous if we could get the speakers to be a bit more professional in their delivery. Most of them could do with some instruction - perhaps we could send them an aide memoire when they register as speakers. The clearest and most entertaining was undoubtedly our new chum Rob. Excellently put across. I also found the business consultant speaker who was on near the end of day two to be very clear too - although he did drag it out interminably and appeared to be in love with his own performance (just a personal view). The main points for all here are audibility and slide composition - over fussy slides are impossible to read from the back.

Lastly - unless all forms of video interface programs are loaded onto the projector PC, many video presentations don't appear. The answer is, of course, Linux - that would 'just work'!  :-)

We had only one computer linked to the projector, and the setup meant that it had to be close to the AV controls.  This meant that either

  1. Presenters had to stand on top of the Pannel's table & Audiovisual equipment  and appear crowded, cramped and cluttered.


 2. Stand on the far side of the room where they were more visisble, but had no control over their presentation material. 

Having to depend upon somone else to change slides (particularly when that is a method that most presenters are no longer used to) disrupts the flow of the presentations, and if the presenter has more complex slides to present then he has no idea of what is on the screen unless he turns round to look.

Next time we should have a lectern for those who choose to use it, with the presentation controls.


I am in full agreement with all the comments, the slide presentation needs to be in the hands of the presenter, we need to get all the presentations in ahead of the convention, difficult I know. The programme changes during the course of the conference so we need a TV sceen with the programme up dates as we go along. It became very confusing at times who was the next speaker.

Registration fee I very much agree an all in price.

Gaby will be Association chairman next time as well as conference & papers chairman. It is important that Gaby continues to do the excellent job regarding the conference so others need to take clear responsiblities for the organisation, running and chairing the convention as a whole next time. Clearly defined jobs.

All of the comments need to be discussed at next council.


I agree with the previous comments on audio and presentations.

I would add that we need a simplified registration fee structure.

  • One single fee
  • or Two -  pensioner/student fee and a full fee, with no other variations. 




The papers given were again well chosen. 

Were any authors approached pro-actively to give the papers on specific areas (eg did Gaby approach Michael Blaicklock)?

Should we consider for the next conference trying to drive the agenda for one of the 2 days, rather than just selecting from those who put themselves forward?

We should prepare and circulate an Aide-Memoire for session chairmen, covering basic responsibilities (finding your speakers, getting a brief resume etc) and several 'Actions On' (eg Action on Speaker not turning up (hint - do not call lunch/tea early without notifying the chairman or hotel staff))

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