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Point of Need Delivery

Point of Need Delivery (POND) is a recurring problem both for military operations and humanitarian relief operations. In both cases POND is from a Distribution centre to an Austere Location, where the distribution infrastructure is either badly damaged (Haiti, Afghanistan) or non-existent (many parts of Africa). The need identified by US European Command, (EUCOM), Transport Command (TransCOM) and others is the US Military requirement to maintain Logistics Superiority, i.e. the ability to deliver personnel and supplies all the way to the end user (a soldier or an aid-worker) in a cost-effective manner. Problem: To deliver a ready-to-deploy Brigade sized unit to ‘Point of Need’ in 3 to 5 days, INDEPENDENT OF RECEPTIVE INFRASTRUCTURE. Why 3-5 days? • For Humanitarian mission (most recently Haiti) immediacy = success • Slow response is worse than no response • Rescue Operations v Recovery Operations Current Disadvantages of LTA for Cargo Operations • Ballast Free Operations. (Control of Static Lift) – Lifting and dropping ballast materials is not acceptable due to operational issues, but also because of environmental/ecological issues. • Lack of Maintenance Facilities. • Must have Total Systems/Concept of Operations including Energy Management Addressing the Disadvantages – The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) has financed the Worldwide Aeros Corp. (Igor Pasternak’s organisation) to build a ‘Buoyancy Control’ demonstrator. Several people discussed applicable advances in compressor technology (citing a Swiss compressor) and fabrics technology for a container. OSD acknowledged that the Hybrid Air Vehicle concept was also a potential solution to the issue of disposable load. The Combatant Commands (COCOMS) must write a capability requirement to specify clearly the size of the lift platform, specifically: • Internal dimensions (Length, Width and Height of the Payload Bay • The available usable payload, (excluding fuel) • On-load/off load infrastructure requirements The US Military need to seek partners and other commercial customers (Fedex for example) and sufficient launch customers to help spread the development costs and commercial risk.

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