The Airship Association believes that Lighter than Air Vehicles (LTAV) have the potential to provide viable and cost-effective aerospace platforms for a number of applications which are currently undertaken by a variety of more conventional forms of transport. LTAVs should not be considered a replacement for conventional aircraft or ships, but complementary; part of a comprehensive transport network which reduces the economic cost of transport in certain areas.

10th International Airship Convention - Friedrichshafen

Friedrichshafen hosted the 10th biennial international airship convention and exhibition organised by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft-und Raumfahrt (DGLR) and the Airship Association in conjunction with Aero Friedrichshafen.

Over 70 delegates attended with representation from 15 countries: Australia, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK and the USA.  One additional surprising but very welcome attendee came from California virtual basis via some sophisticated video linking equipment.

Principles of Aerostatics - Book Publication

A new book, Principles of Aerostatics, is now available, and will be reviewed in the September issue of Airship. The book presents the complete theory of static lift for airships, aerostats and balloons. Concepts are laid out, and building on the derivation of temperature, pressure, density and humidity in the atmosphere and the gas laws, formulas for static lift are derived. The variation of lift with atmospheric and airship parameters, climb and descent, and flight above pressure height are then explored. Both SI and United States Customary Units are employed throughout, and worked examples and calculator programs are provided. That may sound daunting, but the mathematical process can be followed by a reader with an understanding of high school algebra.

USAF / AFIT Paper on Hybrid Airships - from Page 23 of AIRSHIP 184 - June 2014

A summary of the attached paper is published in the June edition of AIRSHIP, No. 184. As the paper is approximately 100 pages long, we have elected to provide a complete copy for download from here, with a shortened summary reproduced in the journal.

Therefore, this paper is designed to be accessible to members in receipt of the June edition of AIRSHIP only. Anyone may download it, but you will require a password to access the file. The password can be found on page 23 of AIRSHIP No. 184.

Any non-members who may wish to purchase a copy of the journal, please email or write to the Hon. Secretary ( The retail price is £ 12 +p&p (or equivalent in other currencies).

Update on 'AIRSHIP'

The June Edition of 'AIRSHIP' has just been sent to the printers. With a bit of luck, a fair wind and not too many paper jams, members should receive their copy in time for the forthcoming AGM. :)

Message from the 'Airship' Editorial Committee

The Airship Association Journal, 'Airship', has been evolving over recent months under the excellent stewardship of Paul Adams. Paul recently passed the editor's baton to a committee comprising Members of Council, the governance group within the Association.

Not only is the Journal undergoing some restructuring, but The Airship Association itself, with Council now under the Chairmanship of Rob Knotts, is at the start of an intensive period of renewal, restructuring, development and growth.

Annual General Meeting of the Airship Association

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Airship Association will take place

from 6.30 to 9 pm on Thursday 24 April 2014


Friends House (London) Hospitality Ltd
Friends House
173 Euston Road
London, NW1 2BJ


The Friends House is opposite Euston railway station

Following the meeting Air Commodore W Tyack CBE FRAeS RAF (Ret’d) the President Elect of the Royal Aeronautical Society will make a presentation.




By the Association Chairman, Rob Knotts


The word ‘airship’ carries a lot of historical baggage. The same tired old pictures of the Hindenburg crashing in flames in 1937 get trotted out by the news media at every mention of the word. The Airship Association believes it is now time to see beyond this 75 year old tragedy and to look again at a technology that is much misunderstood but which in reality has great potential.



The above poster details an upcoming airship auction On 12 December . Please contact Julian Benscher for details at (USA) 321 443 6936.

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