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The Airship Association believes that Lighter than Air Vehicles (LTAV) have the potential to provide viable and cost-effective aerospace platforms for a number of applications which are currently undertaken by a variety of more conventional forms of transport. LTAVs should not be considered a replacement for conventional aircraft or ships, but complementary; part of a comprehensive transport network which reduces the economic cost of transport in certain areas.

15th DGLR Lighter-than-Air Workshop - Call for Papers

Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Luft-und Raumfahrt -Lilienthal - Oberth EV (DGLR), in conjunction with the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Institute for Aerospace Technology will be holding the 15th Lighter-than-Air Workshop on 10/11 June 2016, at:

The University of Applied Sciences Bremen
Room ZIMT 409
Flughafenallee 10, 28199 Bremen

The theme of the 15th Workshop is:


HAV Airlander 10 completes Helium Inflation

Airlander afloatThe British company Hybrid Air Vehicles, announced today that the envelope of their prototype vehicle, the Airlander 10, has been re-inflated with helium at the company's leased facilities in Cardington, England. 

Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship

Back in 2006, Lockheed Martin first flew the P791 Hybrid Airship Demonstrator. Nine years on, Lockheed Martin are confident enough of the technology and its' potential to take the product to market via a third party, a recently formed company called Hybrid Enterprises.

Hybrid Enterprises have been formed to market the civil variant of the LM Hybrid Airship, while apparently LM will use their extensive military expertise to handle any sales to armed forces in either a Transport or a Surveillance based role.

10th International Airship Convention - Friedrichshafen

Friedrichshafen hosted the 10th biennial international airship convention and exhibition organised by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft-und Raumfahrt (DGLR) and the Airship Association in conjunction with Aero Friedrichshafen.

Principles of Aerostatics - Book Publication

USAF / AFIT Paper on Hybrid Airships - from Page 23 of AIRSHIP 184 - June 2014

A summary of the attached paper is published in the June edition of AIRSHIP, No. 184. As the paper is approximately 100 pages long, we have elected to provide a complete copy for download from here, with a shortened summary reproduced in the journal.

Therefore, this paper is designed to be accessible to members in receipt of the June edition of AIRSHIP only. Anyone may download it, but you will require a password to access the file. The password can be found on page 23 of AIRSHIP No. 184.

Message from the 'Airship' Editorial Committee

The Airship Association Journal, 'Airship', has been evolving over recent months under the excellent stewardship of Paul Adams. Paul recently passed the editor's baton to a committee comprising Members of Council, the governance group within the Association.

Not only is the Journal undergoing some restructuring, but The Airship Association itself, with Council now under the Chairmanship of Rob Knotts, is at the start of an intensive period of renewal, restructuring, development and growth.


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